Size Reduction Equipment

size-reduction-machineReducing large objects into smaller objects is a simple concept and size reduction is a common requirement in the manufacturing process.

What is size reduction?

Size reduction = Material + Energy

Making the best choice of equipment has significant impacts on product quality and costs. Innovative processing Solutions uses the size reduction expertise of our affiliate company, Stedman Machine Company, to help evaluate, test and specify the best size reduction equipment for your specific project.

Different styles of crushing and grinding are used based on the raw material being processed.

What are the types of size reduction machinery?

  • Impact – hitting friable material causing fractures
  • Shear – tearing or ripping
  • Compression – breaking material by squeezing
  • Attrition – material pieces colliding with each other causing reduction

size-reduction-equipmentCrushers are often described as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, etc. depending on how many size reduction steps are needed and where within the process each reside. There are many types of machinery choices but selecting one depends on the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the material?
  • What is the moisture content?
  • What is the maximum size going into the machine?
  • What is the size ranged desired after crushing?
  • What is the desired production rate of finished product?

size-reduction-solutionsAt Innovative Processing Solutions we partner with equipment companies that provide testing and technical data to drive the design process. We can help you choose the right crusher.

Crushing & Size Reduction equipment available from our affiliate, Stedman Machine Company, includes:

  • Primary & Secondary Horizontal Shaft Impactors
  • VSlam™ brand Vertical Shaft Impactors
  • Stedman™ brand Cage Mill Disintegrators
    • Single Cage King Series
    • Two-row – coarser grinds
    • Four-row – intermediate finer grinds
    • Six-row – fine grinds for less abrasive materials
  • Aurora™ brand Lump breakers
    • Single rotor
    • Dual rotor
  • Single and Dual Rotor Chain Mills
  • Hammermills
    • Up running
    • Down running
    • Full circle air-swept
  • Fine Grinders
    • VRollermax™ brand Vertical Roller Mills
    • MicroMax™ brand Fine Grind Air Swept Mills
  • Custom crusher designs for special application needs
    • High Temperature
    • Stainless Steel; 304L, 316L
    • Highly cleanable; semi-sanitary